First of all Electones are most definitely not "Home organs". They were developed in Japan, where there is no concept of Organ, and they are professional instruments that people can perform on - most people take up an instrument as they aspire to perform on Stage.

The US market has died out more than the UK, but in fact there are currently more Stageas in the US.

Stagea combines all the technology from Tyros and PSR keyboards, the CVP Clavinovas, EL and AR Electones. The EL900m Electone is pretty tough to beat, but Stagea absolutely wipes the floor of them all.

There is definitely a market in the western world, as many people are unaware of electone and its capabilities.

Stagea has been designed to be portable and considering the flexibility and power over a keyboard, the 15 minutes it takes to set up is well worth it.