[ The only way one could think otherwise is if they go for the marketing excuse spin of "blah blah blah blah complex something blah blah " from Yamaha. Sorry...just all the mega/cool/live/sweet buzzword crap got to me, regardless of the quality of the voices one has to wonder when Yamaha tells them " oh we have super magic samples...super magic multisamples even and its all new stuff magic stuff that errr picks up every nuance of....oh yeah the instruments we sampled.

Dear Alone&Forsaken;

LOL, you are killing me A&F. I especially like your spin on Snagglepuss [ " oh we have super magic samples...super magic multisamples even "]

One would think after 2-3 years under their belt with the Tyros I ( reviewing companints & problems & wish lists), and they are in a position to see what all the other top arranger Kbs companies have done ( since they have all been realeased) that they could top all of them. At least from a marketing stand point isn't that the point. Make a product better then your competitors. I have been told that these companies hate each other ( ex Korg, Yam, past Techniques, Roland etc..) I would think companies would be motivated to make the best keyboard for bragging rights alone.

Also i have figured out why Yam names their voices.mega/cool/live/sweet

1) Mega--named after the geek techs at Yam who want to make a great KB, but who are prevented by the next No.2

2) Cool--named after the executives with cool personalities, who kybosh any advancements

3)Sweet--named after the marketing department who sugar coat and exagerate minimal changes in KB design to increase sales.

4)Live--named after ?? Anyone??

PS. DonM you are showing your age when you talk about lighted keys Do they still make Kbs with those do they? What about bringing back the bouncing ball( on top of music) feature?? Lets have a show of hands. Also, I don't think the pro market is as small as you think Don. In Europe the OMB in clubs, cafes, restaurants is very large. I would have thought that home users would be more interested in digital pianos ( which have arranger function) , organs etc..