" only time there are big improvements is where their competition release a new state of the art board "

Stuff like the Ion, MS2000, and Microkorg came out years ago...Yamaha still hasn't been pushed to answer that call.

Beyond that random...within Yamaha's own respective lines, Yamaha themselves have keyboards from a decade ago that sport features today's like priced boards from them completely lack. Its not anything about an ideal keyboard from them, its that basic features are just held back for no logical reason. Heck just compare the effect selections on their current boards to see a ton of odd contradictions.

Basic of the basic...looking at new from Yamaha you have to spend near a thousand just to get independent 1/4 Left/Right outs ( unless you count that horrid So3 "synth" ). When they have competitors offering that ( and more ) on keyboards in the 400$ price range.

Not that I have some silly hate for Yamaha, I actively use many things from them...just their keyboards for the past few years have been bah with me. Unless you just need Yamaha arranger features or are completely enamored with the beat box elements of the Motif, they offer nothing you cant get both better and cheeper from someone else.

Hahaha I mean people are looking forward to the Tyros 2 cause its Mega voices are/might be playable :P Have to kinda think about that one...shouldn't the ability to play a voice been a basic DUH on the first Tyros to start with. The only way one could think otherwise is if they go for the marketing excuse spin of "blah blah blah blah complex something blah blah " from Yamaha. Sorry...just all the mega/cool/live/sweet buzzword crap got to me, regardless of the quality of the voices one has to wonder when Yamaha tells them " oh we have super magic samples...super magic multisamples even and its all new stuff magic stuff that errr picks up every nuance of....oh yeah the instruments we sampled."