Zalmi: In legal sense, Yamaha had no point here. The two pictures were no official Yamaha-presentations, and like I said before: If Yamaha didn't want to have such pictures taken by someone in the audience, they should have kept the prototype locked away.

Compare it with "spy-pictures" of the new BMW that end up in every automobile-magazine. That too pisses people at BMW off, but it's news, and so it's published. If you don't want those pictures to be taken, then keep the car off the road where everyone can see it.

So, Yamaha didn't convince me that I -had- to remove the pictures, but they (eventually :-) ) asked me kindly to work with them on this one. And I did. Not because I am forced to legally, but because I value a good relationship with a manufacturer. In -that- sense, I felt that the request Yamaha did was reasonable. I do not run a forum with the intention to get people into trouble.

Yamaha made a mistake, we had a sneak peek, and now we'll just have to wait for the official presentation.

I posted an explanation on my forum about this matter, where I also state that although I could have left the pictures online if I wanted to, I have chosen not to do this.
Because Yamaha asked me, and not ordered me, to remove them. The guy at Yamaha explained to me how big an issue this has become at Yamaha, and in that sense, I felt his request was reasonable.

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