Originally posted by Dreamer:
at least now we know that IT WAS actually a picture of the new Tyros 2....
Jim (The Pro) published the same picture on Harmony Central and the following day the picture was deleted due to a Yamaha request, based on a "non desclosure agreement" that exists between manufacturers and places like that one.

Yes - I had just been discussing the Tyros 2 the previous day on the HC forums and when those pix showed up here I cross-posted them. The HC administrators removed them at Yamaha's request.

I find it telling that Yamaha can monitor our conversations so closely that they can remove pictures and things they don't want published almost immediately, but they won't even come close to our needs for a true 76-note replacement for the 9000 Pro (and we can all tell already that the Tyros 2 ain't it). This shows that their priority is to not to engage in free conversation about their products with their user base but to somehow control the conversation. It's tempting to envision some evil overlord watching what we say and do but actually they are a bunch of paranoid nerds running around in constant fear of their jobs. I'm sure Yamaha didn't want pix of their new keyboard released until the official announcement, but once they were on the web it was too late - now they've made themselves look even worse by forcing people and websites to withdraw the posts. If I had a poor opinion of Yamaha before this incident, it's worse now.

The Tyros 2 is D.O.A. in my opinion. Yamaha shouldn't even bother releasing it.
Jim Eshleman