I agree with Don M. Yamaha probably 1) doesn't want to start the buzz prematurely on Tyros 2, and 2) doesn't want the competitors to see the keyboard yet.

I feel for those who like the Yammie sound and features and just want 76 keys. It must be very frustrating. I'm sure that if and when they see a financial advantage in providing 76 keys, they will do it.

I am certain that the Tyros 2 will not disappoint. It is going to have all new styles and will have mega voices for horns. Plus, it looks like there are some more buttons to play with.

Yamaha has a good track record for improvement of previous models (except for the PSR2100 which was 98% the same as the PSR2000. The PSR9000 was a great keyboard in its time. So was the PSR9000 PRO. The PSR2000/2100 offered great value. The Tyros still is a great keyboard. The PSR3000 is amazing for the price. I'm sure the Tyros 2 will be a fantastic keyboard for those who can afford it (not me!).

I'll buy two PSR3100s or whatever they'll be called when they come out next year.