LOL, it also didn't take Yamaha long after the ink was dry on the sale of Steinberg to them (Cubase, Nuendo, etc) to break all the links to download manuals that Pinnacle had posted. No more manuals available for free; we're now back to the old Steinberg policy of no serial number, no manual. So now, even though I got a copy of Cubasis 4 VST as part of Garritan Personal Orchestra, there was no manual with it, only the built in help files, so now I can't download the manual because, as OEM inclusion, there is no serial number with it. I was interested in trying to use it , but without a manual, I certainly won't be doing much with it because having to only use the on screen help is a real PITA to me.

As time goes on and I get more and more DXi's and VSTi's up and running without problems, I'm beginning to care less and less what Yamaha, Korg and Roland are doing because they will become more and more irrelevant to me and what I'm doing. I have a Trinity V3, Tyros,a Fantom XR, and a Wavestation EX, and that is most likely the end of my hardware buying, since I strictly use this stuff in my studio. My outside "paying" job is as a church organist and the church furnishes the organ, so I don't have to pack up and haul anything around.


Bigger is not always better
Bigger is not always better