Dear YamahaAndy & Others;

The playable Mega voice technology has already avaliable on the Clavinova series. So, it would be very easy for Yam to place it on their new tyros. But I wouldn't exactly call that ground breaking. No.1 the technology has been around in yamahas line. No.2 its avaliable from other companies ( ex. Korg, Roland etc..) Mega-voice its just a marketing term. What we are really talking about, it to capature the realism of other instruments while playing keys on a keyboard instead of strings/sticks/mouth etc...

Now, if yamaha could take the realism of instruments in both the voices and styles sections to another level, that would be more impressive [beyond the clavinova--since that is now not new technology anymore]. But, just to keep this in perspective there is VST software that is currently avaliable that is very impressive, and knocks the competition on its behind.

Also, why does the clavinova (CVP-307/309)have more technology/features and advancements than the Tyros? It can't be the price difference, since the Tyros compariviely has a cheap case compared to its competitors and it is no where comparable to the extra cost that is incorporated in the Clavinova with its elaboarte cases-with wood finishes/internal speakers, foot pedals etc.. So why wasn't the extra technology placed into the Tyros. It is after all its Top Model arranger.

I hope Yamaha just doesn't play catch up with the Tyros, and make it competative to the other current top model arrangers. That would be a shame. We don't need another "me to" keyboard. We want a KB to excite & inspre us!!! At the minimum it would be nice to see them place all the advancements/ technology/sound/styles etc..[ AWM tone generation /128 + 128-note polyphony /386 Accompaniment Styles-Mega Voice Styles--
34 Session! Styles ---640 x 480 dot VGA color LCD ,just to name a few, that have already been avaliable on the Clavinovas. Further, what about features that have been avaliable on other keyborads for years--virtual draw-bars, sampling capabilites with lots of ram!!!! which would allow loading some decent quality samples. 76 keys would be very nice, but somehow I don't think this is going to happen. Someone at yamaha has made this decision ( I don't know why) and is sticking to it.