Originally posted by Jørgen Sørensen:
As the thread subject apparantly is only a vague reflection of the thread content; I might find something interesting in ALL threads.

True that, Jørgen... In fact, it's the main reason I read ALL the threads here (despite only using a Roland). If I want to hear and talk about nothing but Roland's, I go to Roland-Arranger.com. As you, no doubt, go to the Yamaha specific, high population fora.

But when I want to talk and read about arrangers in GENERAL (see the connection? ), I come here. As do most of us that feel that way. And let's face it, if the majority of the Yamaha owners here really WANTED nice tight topics, and no other opinion, viewpoints and discussion, well, they'd be at those other fora in the first place, wouldn't they?

So, let me get this straight... You want to come to a forum where Yamaha's are only a PART of the membership. And you'd like to talk about the T3. But you don't want ANY talk on a T3 thread from other viewpoints, other opinions, and comparisons to any other arranger?

Best of luck, mate

The day that Yamaha owners don't feel welcome to comment on a Roland thread, or Ketron owners fell they are not welcome to interject opinion in a Korg thread, this place will be much the poorer for it... IMO
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!