GM and GM2 have nothing much to do with Mega voices. I was informed a while back that if you record an SMF on a T2 or S900, using a style that has Mega voices, if it is played into a Motif with supposedly the same Mega voices, some of the trigger notes (you know, the stuff that is added to the basic notes to give it the extra realism) don't correspond on the Motif.

My idea was to use an S900 at home to generate the guitar parts for SMF's, then play it into a Motif Rack on the gig (don't want to haul two keyboards, no matter HOW light the second one is! ) from my G70. Apparently, this can't be done.

Is there anyone out there that can directly refute this from personal experience (not just reading a manual)..? It would be great if it COULD be done, but from what I've been told, it's a no-go...
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