Originally posted by rattley:
"This place never changes"

It's not this role of this place to change. It is up to the personalities that post here to change. I am not the "personality police". And I hate to think what that role would require. It would be a moderator's nightmare to have to try to censor every posting based on .... ummm I don't even know what that sort of censorship would be based on. And I know people would become very offended if I did start censoring postings in general. Just show some maturity and simply ignore postings from people that are unable to act maturely. It's the same as if you were talking together in any public place. You wouldn't even bother to engage someone in conversation that seemed to be acting like a jerk, you would just ignore them and walk on by. Do the same here as well and it will avoid a lot of unecessary aggravation.

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