Guys..., seriously, it's no secret that the keyboard makers have been (using outboard gear) to record the internal demos for years. What people seem to be missing is what one of the main reasons the demo button is there for.., it's there for the "salesman". Many music stores don't have experienced staff to demo keyboards. So they just press the demo button.

This is NO SECRET..., they've been doing this for years now. Yes, Ensnareyou is right about some sounds not even residing in the presets. Hell, my old PSR-550 had a more modern sound that used a (tweeked version) of the hip hop kit, BUT that tweeked version wasn't available as a preset kit to just choose from as a normal voice. It was only available by going into edit mode for that style-and there were some limitations too. This wasn't something you read about in the manual either.

**If you really think the makers are recording these awesome demos using the onboard patches by triggering them manually from the keybed itself---then boy do I have some nice ocean-front property to sell ya here in West Virginia** It's not just arrangers.., it's also done with the major workstations too.

Why do all these topics have to turn into peeing contests? Why can't you guys just accept that many of you have different opinions regarding keyboards.., and WHY do so many of you go ON and ON about one of the most SUBJECTIVE parts about a keyboard (THE SOUNDS). You want to argue, then argue about FEATURES.., why rip into the sound quality when cleary EVERYONE'S ear is going to be different. These constant peeing contests really make this a nasty place at times, and the topics just go to hell because of them.

**Also think about this... How often have you read about "real musicians" being used to record those great styles on your arrangers. Do you think they're all sitting in a circle, passing the keyboard around to each other? They're using outboard gear to trigger the internal samples. If they do this with the styles..., they're clearly doing it with the onboard demos too**

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