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will tyros 3 be Musical ? or still just a digital workstation ?

Quantized looped base 8 bar (max) Styles 'CD polished' (no live feel) and too repetitious to suit my taste. You be the judge..

If Ketron ever gets the Audya out the door, (by summer of 2015 for sure ) it will be the first and only arranger (besides Lionstrac's Qrranger "now available" I believe .) that brings some diversity and randomness to auto-accompaniment Style playing. On top of that the Audya should have a suitable Live Band sound, feel and groove to it. The cost will be astronomical though and because of it may not sell near as well as Ketron was hoping.

Tyros3?? We'll have to wait and see but most likely it will be just an incremental upgrade to the Tyros2. Maybe Yamaha will surprise us though, you never know.


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