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Keep in mind this is a 'General Arranger Keyboard Forum' and NOT a (Giga)sampler (tank) or VST plugin forum .... totally different products.
The quality of Native Instruments plugs is outstanding, but no 'earning' of Lionstracs at all, just a 3rd party product.

You are right, then remember also that the mediastation is one arranger too.
Is not my fault if now we can hosting in realtine 10 ASIO applicaction and the native Instruments Komplete Synth (demo version, ready to register)are now installed in the code OS as default host engines.
It mean that now I'm able to talk about styles and 3rd party ASIO/VST products in the "General Arranger keyboard forum" too.

Is not my fault if tyros can drive only the internal ROM soundfonts and limited only on this arranger forum.

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