Originally posted by kla4:
It's truly shocking what you are trying to tell here! Perhaps Wersi uses the methods you describe but there is one thing I know for sure : The Yamaha Tyros(x) demo's are played without external instruments, sequencers of whatever.
Why should they? ..... this is the way Tyros3 sounds and is playable for all real keyboardists.

It's obvious you are a Wersi-fan, but your statement 'Wersi can do it much better' makes me smile.... please wake up!

Agree with Ensnareyou!
Listen many time the new T3 guitar demo..is a totally sequencing song, drumkits sounds always flat, the same like the T2...

Try to listen better when is chaning the chords and the drum fills...the Strings pad remain with the same chord, all the notes ON and the Guitar continue make the soloist.. No possible on style player...or the numebr 3 mean that you have to use 3 hands??
Wait to play with your hands this same demo and then we can believe if was really a true style.
Wake UP guys...