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If that is what they are doing, it is just so [b]WRONG !!!


The manufacturers don't see it as wrong, they see it as marketing at its finest. They figure "so what if you can't play the same thing directly from the instrument", at least if you think you can you'll most likely buy it. This practice is used by nearly every manufacturer and Yamaha is guilty of it too. Peter Baartmans may be a wonderful player but he is sequencing songs on a computer, not any Tyros1, 2, or 3 and making the custom demos for Yamaha on the computer. The Tyros 3 itself is used as nothing more than a sound module. Sad but true.

In some cases many of the built in demos on a keyboard utilize sounds that aren't even present in the factory sound ROM, they are on secondary chips where the demo songs reside. Is it fair for them to do that? Hell no! Once again if you don't know then you're none the wiser and what you don't know won't hurt you.