'Being a reasonably accomplished pro audio engineer I can confidently say that given appropriate recording techniques the memory size of the samples does matter. If you believe that Yamaha can make a sample with a few Megabytes that rivals one of several Gigabytes you are sadly mistaken. The reason manufacturers use lower amounts of ROM isn't because they can squeak phenomenal sounds out of a few MB of ROM, it's because it's cheaper for them to do so.

I welcome anyone to bring their Tyros I, II, or 3 (when they get one) over and sit it side by side my Wersi factory sounds or running a large sample VST library and see how well your keyboard fares. I already know which one is going to come out ahead and it won't be the Yamaha. I've owned the best Yamaha has to offer so it's not like I don't have a frame of reference to go by.

I'm curious whether you've actually played a Wersi OAS 7 instrument or a Mediastation? Given your statements I'd venture that you haven't. The Mediastation sounds far better than you and others think it does. Sure the styles on the Mediastation aren't similar to Yamaha's but sound wise the Mediastation is far better than you can imagine.

Wersi has an extremely well integrated and stable OS and I find it far more intuitive than Yamaha's. Even with the numerous features the Wersi has that the Yamaha's lack the Wersi is still a piece of cake to operate. Try one and see for yourself.'

Ensnareyou i respect your view but your post makes no sense. Firstly you post links to demos done on completely different products than the wersi that you are promoting to make the point that the wersi sounds better than any top end arranger. Thats just nonsense. Saying that it could sound better with professional studio work, and hiring pro musicians to play the styles would be more accurate. Right now i challenge you or anyone with a wersi or a mediastation to come up with a demo produced by the instrument and either by the manuifacturere or a wersi enthusiast that competes with the yamaha or any other top end main arranger manufacturer. Your a sound engineer so you will know that having access to the best sounds in the world does not instantly make the best sounding arranger instrument. I am not even going to debate this point with you because anyone that has spent any time at all using sounds from different sound sources will understand the complexities in making those sounds balance and blend. Secondly the sounds you have promoted GigaStudio, Halion, or Kontakt do not come shipped with either wersi or Mediastation and can be purchased separately and played through a lap top or in a studio without buying a £6000-8000 piece of hardware. However purchaseing these sounds still cannot make your hardware sound better than a professionally produced style from yamaha, korg or Roland. if you doubt that then please provide ONE DEMO OF A STYLE ON EITHER WERSI OR MEDIATSTION THAT COMPETES WITH A T2. PA1X/PA2X OR G70. JUST ONE ! By the way it has to be a manufactureres or enthuiasts style , not a cloned style from another manufacturers stable !!

You say that the mediastaion sounds better than many of us thinks its does. Why do you think that is ? Let me give you a hint. Every demo i have heard from the manufactures (Wersi or Mediastation) sounded inferior to even mid range products from the main three. We are talking very poor style programming , poor balance and generally lack lustre demos.

For example the Korg pa series has 4 variations per style. I think everyone knows that but what makes the styles so live and responsive is the fact that each variation has up to 6 Chord variations programmed into it. So depending on the chords that you play you can achieve up to 6 different accompaniment variations within one style variation ! its not just maths either. Korg actually do programme these chord variations in a musical and flowing/intergrated way. I dont know if Wersi goes into this kind of detail in style programming but you can see how having access to Giga sounds or other VST's sound sources still wont get you to the level of detail that maufacturers of these machines go into to produce great sounding arranger instruments. I for know for sure Mediastation do not. Maybe you can tell us about the wersi ?

The one point i agree with you is the use of studio produced demos that no pro could do on the keyboard itself. Its a dirty tactic to sell keyboards .