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I did not say Yamaha used external sound modules to try and deceive anyone. The sounds generated in the Tyros 3 demos are sounds from the Tyros 3. How those sounds are played is an entirely different story though. Contrary to what you believe the factory demos are recorded using computer based sequencers such as Logic, Cubase, etc. using live musicians triggering MIDI fitted instruments i.e MIDI Guitar, MIDI wind instruments, Drum triggers and using the Tyros as a sound source. "Why should they" you ask? The reason for doing so is that it's far easier to record a real sounding guitar, drum, or sax part by actually playing a real instrument with a MIDI converter triggering the samples of the Tyros 3 (or any other instrument for that matter). Nearly every manufacturer is guilty of using these techniques and while it may be the sounds from the actual keyboard (or most often a prototype sound module being triggered), the manner in which the demos are played and recorded is quite deceptive. Few people are even aware these techniques are employed and for good reason.
If you believe that even the most skilled keyboardist can mimic these demos by playing them live I'd like to see them do it. That would have to be one phenomenal musician and a near impossible task even for the truly gifted. An average keyboardist wouldn't even stand a chance of pulling it off. Sometimes what sounds so simple is much harder than one can imagine.

I don't know...This guy does alright without the need for any midi guitar or wind controllers!!