Originally posted by B2:
There is only 1 God my friend....and HE not only has the market on the truth...he is the truth....

Hi B2 :Though I respect (and may agree) with your deeply held religious conviction, I feel it was inappropriate the way you presented it here, as a 'hard fact'. Our SZ family consists of many wonderful members from many differing religious (or non religious) backgrounds. To respect the feelings of people who may hold equally strong (but different) religious convinctions than yours, I think it would have been better to have presented it as your 'personal belief' instead. Just my opinion.

Originally posted by Uncle Dave:

My Christian faith allows tolerance for those who believe other than I do, but it also teaches that we should try to spread the truth to the non believers.

This somehow sounds a bit 'holier than thou' to me, as I don't believe Christians hold any 'patent' in the tolerance department. I think we 'all' need to be practicing: 'acceptance', and not merely 'tolerance'. . On the subject of spreading the (truth?), I dislike the type of religious groups who instill fear & intimidation (threatening an after life in hell unless you convert), or when they attempt to promote their brand of religion as the 'only' path to enlightenment, with an eternal afterlife spent in heaven vs hell. These kind of manipulative tactics are (to me) intended to feed on people's fears and insecurities.

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it seems that Christians can and do (time and again on this forum) feel free to recite their doctrine with little thought for others and yet are the first to cry shame when the tables are turned.

Tony, I agree.

In light of all this, I feel that religious debate has no place on the Synthzone forum. It will only to lead to divisiveness and division. Afterall, look at world history. The majority of all wars have been started over religion. Let's keep the topic on the thing we all share: arranger keyboards & music.