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I don't change my diet too much. Just cut my portion (from U.S portion to 'more international' portion). Hit the gym for 25 mins every other day. 15 cardio (10 minutes at 6-6.3 miles/hour) and lift weights for 10 minutes.

hi Jonas (KN_Fan) I think you 'hit the nail on the head' here. After discovering Weight Watchers (2 years ago) I too learned that in addition to regular exercise, it's maintaining food 'Portion CONTROL' that was the BIG key to me losing and maintaining my ideal weight again. I know use the Weight Watcher's Point system to help keep monitor what I take in each day. It may sound complicated to follow, but it's actually a real EASY system.

Another BIG problem is when dining out in restaurants. Have you guys noticed how HUGE the portions sizes have become over the years? They raise the prices but offset it by serving gigantic servings to make us feel we got our money's worth. Instead of eating everything on my plate, as Mom always lectured, I now make it a point to doggie bag 1/2 of it and take it home to enjoy the next day.