Wow....did anyone actually READ Mikes diatribe? Too long for me. Hope I didn;t miss anything good.
Atkins since July 21st:
down 35 lbs
energy WAY up
chothes at least a size smaller, sometimes 2 sizes - Everything is loose on me.( I don't remember EVER saying that b4)

I am sticking to the strict side of the induction phase with minor modifications, and only rarely. When I get hungry ... it's celery, hard boiled eggs, or a 2 carb Atkins shake that keeps me at bay till the next meal.
I can't knock it ..... Even at my ritzy affairs .... there is always a healthy, low carb way to eat without making me look like an outcast. I haven't had a piece of bread except for the (communion host at Mass) since the summer and I haven't touched any sweets either.
That's HUGE for me.
Fortunaly, I no longer am!

(There's a roast beef in the crock pot as we speak ..... gettin ready to be my dinner ! )
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