Hi B2
I think to assume that the entire membership of this forum is Christian is a pretty big leap on your part.

Last time I checked it was still ok to excercise free will and choose what to believe (or not as the case may be). I am not having a go at your faith, each to his own as far as I am concerned. In fact I applaud the certainty you have in what you believe.

Scott made a simple statement of fact (whether it was a joke or not it was still fact). Our thought processes, our view of the world around us and ultimately our morals DO depend on what we beleive.

Your statement is arrogant and dissmisive of other belief systems and as such I find it insulting. You are right in that some things are not funny.

I don't find it at all funny that if I were a Wiccan and said that God was the earth, or if I was a Buddist and did not beleive in any God but in achieving perfection through reincarnation,....and I made such statements on this forum I would be villified for my belief.

However it seems that Christians can and do (time and again on this forum) feel free to recite their doctrine with little thought for others and yet are the first to cry shame when the tables are turned.

I really don't care what you belive, nor do I expect you to care what I believe. I do expect that we all have the maturity and common courtesy to accept that we are a diverse bunch and consider the same before making post such as yours condeming outright opposing points of view.

Someone said that most of the worlds problems are down to religion. I disagree! Most of the worlds problems are down to the way we practice our religions. If Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jew, Pagan, Buddist, and the rest concentrated on the human race and how best their various creeds could affect it for the better instead of evangelism and conversion we would all be better off.

My way or no way is what causes all the problems and it gets my back up. Apologies for diverting this thread but I could not let this one go either.