Another kooky thing that Idatrod said is that people in India get their B12 from eating insects from their unwashed vegetables. I mean come on!

I know hundreds of people from India. My spiritual organization is centered in Chicago and New Delhi. I've been to India. I'm not the biggest fan of Indian food or the Indian lifestyle. Too much curry. Too much dangerous driving on narrow streets. But we have a lot of Indian friends here in Chicago and in parts of India, and I've washed pots while they have cooked many many times. Let me tell you that they don't eat bugs.

So your bugs in the vegetables does not wash. Those who eat dairy or get fortified B12 in vitamins or foods, have nothing to fear about anemia.

In fact, I came accross a US government study that studied B12 deficiency in Americans. They state:

Oddly, the researchers found no association between plasma B12 levels and meat, poultry, and fish intake, even though these foods supply the bulk of B12 in the diet. “It’s not because people aren’t eating enough meat,” Tucker said. “The vitamin isn’t getting absorbed.”

They go on to say that fortified B12 is more likely to get absorbed than B12 in meat because some people are not secreting the right stomach acids to release the vitamin. So go figure!