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Another kooky thing that Idatrod said is that people in India get their B12 from eating insects from their unwashed vegetables. I mean come on!

I know hundreds of people from India. My spiritual organization is centered in Chicago and New Delhi. I've been to India. I'm not the biggest fan of Indian food or the Indian lifestyle. Too much curry. Too much dangerous driving on narrow streets. But we have a lot of Indian friends here in Chicago and in parts of India, and I've washed pots while they have cooked many many times. Let me tell you that they don't eat bugs.


On the contrary Beakybird those were not my words but the words of a well respected Naturopathy Doctor: Stephen Byrnes PHD RNCP ND.

Here is the link to his article:

PS: The only thing kooky about this whole thing is your total lack of wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the truth.

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink as the old adage goes; ie., "The truth can plainly be put before your eyes but only you can decide if you want to believe the truth or not. I'm through saying anymore to you. If you want to go ahead and believe a lie so be it. My conscience is clear of the matter. At least I had the guts and empathy to try to set you straight. Continue in your folly if you must but at least the truth (reality) HAS BEEN SHOWN to you. But apparently you like living in a fantasy world. I really take offense when you try and propagate your lie to possibly unsuspecting others though.