Hey! We talk about arrangers all the time, it's nice to switch topics once in a while. After all we are all friends here!

I said it before- I said it again, everything in moderation. Heck, there was a time I felt like eating Chinese buffet on Friday night, Chinese dim sum on Saturday morning, and BLT, fruit shake and french fries on Sunday..ya know what..I DID! No biggie, by Monday I was on that treadmill and universal machine again, lifting weights

Splurge once in a while...rest of the time, behave and just nibble your favorite foods in moderation. Commit yourself to walking (3.5-4 miles/hour for 20 minutes)and a little weight lifting (like 5-10 minutes with 10-15 lbs dumbell)..of course everybody is different. My 30 minute twice a week work out seems to work fine for me (I'm only 31 years old btw )