1. If being a vegetarian is so dangerous, to what do you attribute the greater longevity for vegetarians compared to omnivores? To what do you attribute the lower levels of heart attacks, diabetes, cancers of many kinds, and even Alzheimers among vegetarians?

2. The B12 in food supplements and in processed food is from vegetarian sources. This I have ascertained.

I know several hundred vegetarians, many since birth, and they are a very healthy lot. One gentleman is 100 years old and still walks without a cane. I know some vegans too, who take supplements to get their B12, and they enjoy exceptional health as well. However, I have also heard of people getting carried away and getting sick from not getting adequate protein in their diet.

I enjoy excellent health and above average energy. I have vegetarian friends who are as strong as oxes.

The specious reasoning that Carl Lewis is vegetarian and had a dui which means that he has problems which means that vegetarians have problems demonstrates to me that you do not reason clearly.

Thank you, however, for alerting us vegetarians to the dangers of B12 deficiency.

Uncle Dave, I think that your suggestion that God gave us animals so that we can slaughter them is not well thought out. I believe that God gave us power so that we may protect the less helpless not hurt them. I believe that this goes for animals as well as children.