My personal lifelong struggle with extra pounds was sorted for me over the last two years.
If anyone knows what Lactose Inolerance is, they will understand what fellow-sufferers can go through, but to avoid messy explanations, let's explain that it causes upset digestion(and that's putting it very mildly).
As a result, I fortunately found a website which was specifically for talking about it.
And thankfully, offered relief for us by ponting us towards self-help and dietary hints.
We fellow sufferers have lost our bodily production of LACTASE. This breaks down LACTOSE, which comes from milk, into acceptable sugars.Otherwise, the lactose ferments rapidly in the system and causes untold misery!
The point of my thesis is that we now either cut out or down on any food which contains milk or products of milk (mainly dairy products ) and occasionally supplement our lactase with the lactase enzymes from medication.
As a result of cutting out, or drastically reducing intake of dairy products, it is very easy to maintain a weight level.
And I mean very easy, because my own weight has been stabilised now within 2 pounds for over a couple of years.
Sorry, if this is very boring to most , but there are a lot more lactose intolerant people around than know about it (estimated at 25% of the white population and a much higher number of african-descent).

If you have problems with your digestion (let's not mince words here - If you are plagued with the runs!) then it may be wise to ask your doctor for a LI test.

Now play some music to take away the nasty taste I left in your thoughts!


Eddie from Rotherham

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Eddie from Rotherham