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Here is a list of vegetarians who hardly suffered from lethargy:

Carl Lewis, “Olympian of the Century,” Olympic medalist in track
Ruth Heidrich, Ironman triathlete, age-group record holder
Martina Navratilova, tennis champion
Desmond Howard, Heisman trophy winner
Stan Price, world-record holder in bench press
Bill Walton, NBA Hall of Famer
Phoebe Mills, Olympic medal-winning gymnast
Billie Jean King, tennis champion
Bill Manetti, powerlifting champion
Bill Pearl, four-time Mr. Universe and bodybuilder
Al Oerter, discus thrower and winner of four Olympic gold medals
Keith Holmes, WBC World Middleweight Champion
Robert Parish, one of the NBA’s “50 Greatest Players”
Jack LaLanne, fitness legend and media star
Edwin Moses, two-time Olympic Gold medalist in hurdles

Source: Vegetarian Times Magazine

As to B12, dairy in the diet provides B12. Most multivitamines contain much more than the USDA requirement.

Anyway, I would just like to underscore that going veggie is one lifestyle choice that is more healthy, more environmentally sound, and more ethical.

I know non-veggies that have virtues far beyond mine. I just want to emphasize that I think that this is a good choice.



The point is that all of those Athletes, etc., that you mentioned wouldn't have been able to accomplish what they did if they lacked Vitamin B12 in their diet. So to be a 'true' Vegetarian in every sense of the word is basically impossible. Dairy products are 'byproducts' of "animals". Vitamin B12 is NOT found in plant sources and the only way to obtain it is through "Animal" sources. Even Vitamin B12 "supplements" are from animal sources. So theoretically NOBODY IS a true Vegetarian because we all need Vitamin B12 in our Diet and the only way for anybody to get it IN their diet is from Dairy products (which are animal byproducts) or from animals themselves (including Vitamin B12 supplements, which are processed and made from animal sources.) Even fortified cereals that have been fortified with vitamin B12 receive their B12 fortification from 'animal' sources. So may I submit to you: a true Vegetarian there is NOT!, ie., - those who claim to abstain from "all" sources of Animal and animal 'byproducts'. I understand there are at least 5 categories of the term Vegetarian but each one has to have vitamin B12 in their diet which can only be obtained through animal sources. So the slaughter of animals goes on whether you're a Vegetarian or not [or whether you like it or not] so that people, ie., (the WORLD population) can get their adequate supply of B12. I'm amazed that even though the truth is plainly shown to people they still want to believe and even propagate a lie.

Characteristic signs of B12 deficiency include fatigue, weakness, nausea, constipation, flatulence (gas) [talk about Cows farting!!], loss of appetite, and weight loss [good way to lose weight and lose your health in the process!!]. Deficiency also can lead to neurological changes such as numbness and tingling in the hands and feet. Additional symptoms of B12 deficiency are difficulty in maintaining balance, depression, confusion, poor memory, and soreness of the mouth or tongue.

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