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Do you mean....using a style (or styles for that matter)..have a chord sequence for a particular song already in the arranger so you can just use both hands & play along???

Hi Lee

If you want to do that you can do, however Band in a Box creates a unique style around your chord sequence and playing preferences, (Not just sequencing the boring and repetitive styles that arrangers use) thus the song backing becomes unique to you.

For live play think of the chord sequencer (Actually a loop player) that Roland introduced, you activate and record the chords and when you press stop, instead of just repeating the chords with the pre-set style, (As it is currently done) it creates a jam session that matches you preferences. (You can then play both hands if you wish to take the lead)

Of course if you want to sound like everybody else, then just stick to the current style system, and never stand out from the crowd. (If you look at top arranger performers they donít use the standard styles, they modify or create them themselves, which is why they have to turn work down as they donít have the time to meet the demand, whereas those that donít are assumed by the general punter to just be doing karaoke)


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