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Quit trotting out the same old tired arguments about how much money you've made with your AK, or how much your audiences "love" your sound - compared to what? So dumb to take these things so personally. chas

Tony please, PLEASE trust me on this; That statement was NOT, I repeat, NOT directed at YOU. Please forgive me if my poor phrasing made it seem that way (and I can see how it could). I didn't disassociate it with the previous statement which WAS addressed to you but not in any kind of mean-spirited way - just conversationally. Points out again the problem of trying to converse on the internet. My sincere apologies for riling you up and in the future I'll try to make sure any arrows I might happen to sling hit the right target smile smile.

"Faith means not wanting to know what is true." [Nietzsche]