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And even if Arranger Kbs are regarded by some as a "Swiss Army Knife" of sorts.. there is a reason you don't see them on stages worldwide & to get back to the OP NAMM 2015 has enforced this also is my point. Just sayin'

I really don't care if I ever see one on stage, although mine has been seen (and used), on them many times.

Pros that use arrangers aren't plentiful, as shown by SZ and other forums, like Keyboard Corner, but who really gives a shit?

I certainly don't.

It's only necessary that it works for my needs.

'Nuff said!


Ian that's all well and god ....as I do the same with an arranger KB also BUT,.....what I wanna know by this thread topic is why hasn't the use of arranger KB's been more plentifully embraced by mainstream players vs workstations/synths, etc,.....it's oddly unbalanced and there must be a good reason. Is it ignorance ....marketing....home player vs pro.....non availability in music stores.....a bad home organ aura reputation?? confused1 as the real reasons will effect the future of Arranger KB's IMO.