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,.....what I wanna know by this thread topic is why hasn't the use of arranger KB's been more plentifully embraced by mainstream players vs workstations/synths, etc,.....

Mainstream players generally are part of a band, and prefer to work that way...they don't need an arranger because there are people who play the other parts.

One Man Band (arranger) players, like ourselves, obviously embrace the concept of being able to do it all on our own...some were forced into solo work (unavailability of competent reliable players, e.g.), while others simply preferred the independence and control of having an instrument capable of doing all the accompaniment parts...I'm of the latter group.

Also, the whole industry is not only changing...it's expanding. Look at YouTube, for example...not much need to "go out" and perform on stage when you can reach hundreds of viewers (audience) with your living room as your stage.

As far as a concrete reason why mainstream players don't use Arranger Keyboards? It's never even been the remotest concern of mine, so I really can't answer that one...I've been too busy playing and making money with my Arranger Keyboards to stop long enough to analyse the issue. The alleged "stigma" of using auto-accompaniment didn't keep me from being hired or creating and getting lots of studio work, and I'm not that insecure to where it matters to me what someone else thinks of what instrument I play.

I don't believe the Arranger Keyboard will go the way of the Home Organ...it replaced the Home Organ, and until something else comes along to replace what the arranger does (maybe software based arrangers will make some impact?) I think the instrument still has a reasonably bright future.

I also think that the time between new models will be longer, again reflecting the growing umber of alternate ways of making/creating music, especially on the computer.

So yes, Donny, there will quite likely be an S960, just as there will be a Tyros6...however, maybe like me, you may not find the new features on the subsequent model useful enough for your needs to make having one a necessity.

I certainly can't see any reason for replacing my Tyros4, other than its hardware wearing out and not being able to get it fixed.

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