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Lessons from NAMM

-NAMM is not for the arranger market
I think those where my lessons

Exactly,........Arrangers are on the bottom of the list instead of coming closer together with workstations , Etc, in the music communities though process.......and because of that little by little they will dwindle away and be replaces by what the people want....and NAMM 2015 is a BIG Indication of that. NO matter how much WE love arrangers it could be a losing battle in the future. Why isn't it being embraced more by pros & they realize what a powerful music tool it is? confused1
that's the big question? I personally think it's because musicians rather CREATE Music on workstations from scratch the way they want it interpreted vs playing some repetitive pre made style.....& even though you can still do that on an arranger most have no interest at all..

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