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how about adding a new type of style called jam session..... You dictate the chords as a player, and your arranger bandbuddies play much more free then before...

Now that would be a great thing...

Now, that would be cool...maybe also a random chord generator that would keep the chords within a certain range or key?

Maybe a more elaborate version of Yamaha's Music Finder/Repertoire features that would choose a broader range of suggested styles or tunes?

Using the Score feature, it's really cool to be able to analyse bass lines and Phrase parts...a good source of inspiration.

In Style Creator, using a combination of Style Assembly and Groove & Dynamics allows you to take parts from, for example, Swing styles, and use them in Latin or Pop rhythms.

I'm always experimenting with ways to loosen up the styles to give them an even more natural feel.

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