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Lessons from NAMM

-NAMM is not for the arranger market
I think those where my lessons

Exactly,........Arrangers are on the bottom of the list instead of coming closer together with workstations , Etc, in the music communities though process.......and because of that little by little they will dwindle away and be replaces by what the people want....and NAMM 2015 is a BIG Indication of that. NO matter how much WE love arrangers it could be a losing battle in the future. Why isn't it being embraced more by pros & they realize what a powerful music tool it is? confused1
that's the big question? I personally think it's because musicians rather CREATE Music on workstations from scratch the way they want it interpreted vs playing some repetitive pre made style.....& even though you can still do that on an arranger most have no interest at all..

In the US they are non important

In EU its still a whole different story, however, its hard to get the youth into playing any actuall instrument except guitars and drums... despite the fact that for musical education at many schools they use arrangers these days.

Overhere in europe we deffinately need a charm offensive from two or three rockstars using arrangers to create music...to pull in the youth, but in general arrangers are still big buiseness and still outsell organs/synths/workstations.

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