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As i said before, for home players and OMB, arranger keys are the smartest solution.

and all those people saying Arrangers are the easy way out.... i dont think so, there is some OMB i know that use workstations and midi files... now thats the easy way out. Midi files.

You can also use the arranger as an educational tool, giving yourself access to the inner workings of a multitude of styles and genres, which will certainly increase your value and longevity as a working musician.

In music, especially nowadays, the more versatile you are, the more you work and a good Arranger Keyboard can definitely keep you in the game.

Actually, in most cases, people who hire composers don't care how you come up with the music, as long as you do.

And, let's say a songwriter doesn't know how to program drums or play guitar, or doesn't want to...the arranger can give them the satisfaction of hearing their songs being played by a band without having to call in a drummer or bass player etc.

In short, they can realize their music fully produced without hiring musicians (expensive), renting rehearsal space (also expensive) and booking lots of studio time (even more expensive).

As far as the people who are implying the Arranger is, as you say, "the easy way out", I don’t feel there is anyone on SZ who’s musicianship is of such high caliber, to be in such a position to make those implications.

Yes, it's a lot of fun playing with other musicians, but not everyone has that luxury, and, even if they do, it is often difficult to co-ordinate the schedules of three or four other players to get together for some quality jamming. I'm experiencing such difficulties recently due to some nasty winter weather.

With the Arranger Keyboard, you have the power to decide when the jam starts and ends...you have the control over the choice of genres...you make the decisions on the simplicity (or complexity) of the arrangement.

But most of all, as you have also mentioned, "they (arrangers) are fun to play" and we can all use a bit more fun in our lives.

how about adding a new type of style called jam session..... You dictate the chords as a player, and your arranger bandbuddies play much more free then before...

Now that would be a great thing...
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