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Tony, I always say the Arranger Keyboard is the "Swiss Army Knife" of instruments.

It's also made me lots of money, both in the studio, and out playing "live", as well as being the perfect musical companion at home if I just want to sit down and play for my own enjoyment.


This is it... We have a swiss army knife or even better, a multitool with a tool for every job, compared to workstations, we have everything a workstation has and styles on top of that.

The best part of arrangers is that every button slider or knob ontheee is created for real time use... And thats another pro they have over a workstation like the Motif,where part of the motif is designed for studio integration which takes away some of the design phillossophy from live use...

Anyway, if you are an OMB an arranger is the only wise choice, as it can do it all... Unless you are a piano player, because if you are a piano player you should be sad that there is no stage piano with build in arranger...
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