We use the Tyros4 in the studio, not because we are lazy (although, we are wink )...we use it because we get results very quickly, and in the studio, time is money.

I can lay down a truly great bass line and drum track in just the amount of time it takes to play it through....can't do that with a workstation.

As far as pre-programmed styles? We rarely use the factory styles unedited, although, we could get away with it in most cases, especially for the more commercial type tunes we are recording.

I like to edit styles mainly to add stop/fills/intros/endings that are more appropriate for the tune in question.

And speaking of those tunes, we are generally fleshing out ideas by local singer/songwriters, or, recording singers who want to make a CD for their friends or family, and most of the tunes are commercial.

I've used Workstations, and just find the arranger far more intuitive and, as I said earlier, far quicker.

Many of the post retirement clinics I do are to show PSR/Tyros users how to edit styles so their music could have their own stamp on it...also, many of them were then able to make their own midi files to play/perform/sing over, rather than use the same old commercially made files every one else used...sometimes the devil is in the details. I know our Donny has mentioned that he often makes his own midi files, and I'm sure that it adds a nice touch and gives him his own élan on usually same old-same old tunes.

I'd take an arranger keyboard over a workstation any day, and, like any other electronic instrument or keyboard, it really depends on the skill and creativity of the player to make the most of it.

But, most of all, I love my Arranger because it lets me sit down and just “play” a tune "live" with a deluxe sounding band behind me...a band that can vary from just a drummer and bass player, to the whole orchestra...and anything in between.


Regarding the lobster...I like it boiled, and then shelled and sautéed in butter...totally decadent!
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