Tony, in the context of being a "lazy man's tool", I'm sure you got the gist of what I meant. While you're at it, maybe you can explain why arranger players get so darn defensive and downright angry if anyone says anything that's not downright glowering about the thing. "Thou dost protest too much" comes to mind. Lots of people tell me the 'Hammond' sound is dated; I could care less; I like it. Quit trotting out the same old tired arguments about how much money you've made with your AK, or how much your audiences "love" your sound - compared to what? So dumb to take these things so personally. Even the much-loved DNJ can't make a true statement about these things without getting hammered smile smile.

Play on, baby, it's all music - more or less.

"Faith means not wanting to know what is true." [Nietzsche]