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If it works for you, as Tony says, "who really gives a shit?".

UH... chas ... that was IAN, not me ... we may have the same hairdo, but it was Ian ... grin ...

... and to repeat myself for the 3rd or 4th time - the reason we don't see them on stage is because they ARE NOT NEEDED ON STAGE BECAUSE THE 'ARRANGER' PARTS ARE BEING PLAYED BY OTHER LIVE MUSICIANS !!!

and chas, it doesn't take years to prepare a piano for a gig, just an hour or two to tune it wink ... BUT, it takes years to prepare a PLAYER for a gig, and that holds true for any instrument ... including an AK ...

BUT WAIT ... I HAVE seen arranger KBs being used by bands at weddings and in clubs and they often are being used to play backing tracks to supplement the live band ... much like mp3 players might be used ... now one might question the 'pro' level of these groups, but some are busy enough that this is how they earn their living ... but, I do not expect to see top groups using one for the reason I have already stated ... and when THEY are using backing tracks they are doing so with far more sophisticated equipment ...

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