Heard all the Yamaha high quality demos. You saying the difference is so subtle, not even THESE should be sufficient to make it obvious? Little point to them posting them, is there?

You and I both know how many people change their arrangers, not so much because of a REAL need, but just to feel comfortable in having whatever is the newest kid on the block... You even eschewed the far more capable T3 yourself while touting the S910 as the be all and end all. And defended that choice when others asked why.

Look, I know you are having a lot of fun at my expense because there are no Tyros dealers in my area, but you yourself have made many a pronouncement without having the opportunity to play the unit yourself. As long as there are high quality demos up on the web, playing IS just listening. After all, if I play a T4 or just listen to Yamaha's official audio demos, I'll still be HEARING the same thing, won't I?

Please don't make me go back and find quote after quote where you had opinions about keyboards you haven't played. Allow others the same rights you claim for yourself.

To be honest, all I still seem to be hearing from the T4 comments is 'this is the keyboard the T3 was SUPPOSED to be', the tweaks have made a big improvement, etc., etc.. Tweaks.

Look, I'm prepared to eat my words. The Yamaha T2 site did some great advertising by playing the T1 playing a style, then that same style played on the T2. There was a sufficient improvement that it was pretty obvious. But I noticed Yamaha no longer going that route when the T3 took over from the T2, and, unless I've missed a page somewhere, the T4 from the T3. Maybe you could do the same thing..? If the engine and underlying parameters are THAT much improved, play a T3 style in a T3, and the same T3 style in the T4. Let's hear it...