When the PA800 and PA2x came out, they came in for heavy criticism on sounds and styles, however after a couple of months they bought out a software upgrade which bought them to a whole new level, almost unrecognisable from the original. (How they should have been when released)

The Audya was released onto the market with great aplomb; however it wasnt until later after a software upgrade, that it became the keyboard it should have been on release.

When the G70 was launched it was derided by everybody except die hard Roland fans, however after the V2 software upgrade it moved to a whole new level, and easily matched or bettered the rest of the boards out there, again as it should have been at launch.

Only Yamaha seems to get it virtually spot on at launch.

Therefore going by the above examples, the chances of the PA3x being anything other than an unfinished product is pretty remote, particularly has it has not been officially launched yet.

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