Sorry, Ian, but, as I said, if you HAVE to compare them side by side, the difference isn't big enough for me to care about it!

Thing that strikes me is, to be honest, what has changed between the T3 and the T4 that ISN'T simply tweaking? Tweaked sounds, tweaked styles, and a tweaked EQ system (doubt the D/A is a totally new unit), then just a FEW new sounds and styles.

If Yamaha allowed the same access to the voice programming that Korg do, it might be possible to either tweak those sounds yourself, or simply load in new sounds and styles, and get much of the T4's improvement without paying through the nose. At least with the ability to do this, owners would be able to make up their minds whether the few new sounds and the few new styles would be sufficient to make the jump all by themselves.

Yes, I realize the T4 has updated its VH, but it is still woefully short of a dedicated VH. But apart from that, what's even slightly updated?

Not a whole lot to justify another $3500 outlay, IMO, if only Yamaha would let you access the tweaking parameters that they obviously have in-house. Same sound sounds better on the T4? Well, they CERTAINLY didn't go and record new samples! If it's better, it's because of tweaks. Tweaks WE are not allowed to make.

No doubt, some MORE tweaks will be made on the T5, and then sold to us with a few more sounds and styles for $3500. In the meantime, if only Yamaha had Korg's depth of editing, all of those with T3's could sound JUST as good as a T5, especially if Yamaha sold the new SA2/3 voices as sampler loads (at a nice profit!).

Bottom line is, put a T3 style in a T4, just how different REALLY do they sound? Put a G1000 style in my G70, it's night and day. THAT'S what I'm looking for!
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