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i gave my opinion of the yamaha sounds on the same basis by listening to youtube videos on low quality hand held Camera recordings. Sometimes they were good quality and sometimes not in terms of the method of recording. I dont see any post from you saying that i cant give opinions on the sound based upon any of these recordings and non of the yamaha fans have said my opinion is not valid.

Tellingly ,neither has ANYONE said that the sound on these poor recorings of the T4 made the T4 sound poor. Quite the contrary actually.

Its only when i made them in relation to the Korg.....

So are my comments and my freedom to express an opinion only limited to other manufacturers products so long as it isnt Korg Fransn ?

Listen Fransn, i love Korg products just like you and my opinion is my opinion just like your opinion is your opinion. The difference is that i am not restricting my judgement based upon the manufacturer i favour. Neither am i telling you that your opinion is invalid just because you use the same criteria i.e cam ocrder rrecordings to express an opinion.If you love Korg then my words wont change that will it ?

And no one will buy or choose not to buy a keyboard based upon my opinions , that would be quite foolish right. I dont think you quite get what a discussion forum is about :-) (i am just playing with you Fransn)

Go ahead and buy the PA3X if you want to.

All i know is that i have heard the T4 in the same way i hear the Pa3x and in every demo whether on cam corder,in a formal presentation, or retailers just jamming, on a busy shop floor or in peoples homes the sound is quite frankly astonishing.

I am not the only person to have reached that concusion Fransn just from youtube crappy Cam corder recordings.

I only mean you can't decide the quality of a keyboard by listening to lousy youtube videos. That's all. THE END