Hi Diki as quoted "Look, wait for the official release. I would hate to hear how Yamaha would have got the same criticism if demo'd before even the new styles were in it, or the new SA2 sounds finalized...

Korg have DOUBLED the sound ROM. That has GOT to count for something, surely? If little of that has made it to a demo, it's obvious it is still being tweaked.

Let's just hold our horses, and perhaps cut the Korg the same slack we would cut Yamaha, eh?!
end quote"

Korg are thier own worst enemies, Yamaha would never have done a pathetic release as they did at NAMM, and have never released a board unfinished, I remember the PA2X teasers, go back into the history of the forums, I think the release was a kneejerk reaction to the positive outcomes of the T4 ie, "dont buy wait till you see ours" and then the comment "its not finished yet" looks to me its for sale in about two countries so far, or did they mean they will be upgrading along the way, as they did with the PA2x? as was commented, I hope this is a wow release for Korg. Right now even with the memory doubled it sort of sounds about the same as PA2X, as I commented before KRONOS was a new beginning, i'm thinking PA3X is more of the same so far