I agree with people that Korg really flubbed the PA3X NAMM presentation with its less than stellar introduction of the PA3X in my opinion. Sounds are the 'number one' priority to me when it comes to deciding what keyboard to purchase. Either the PA3X demonstrators were told by Korg NOT to play its most cherished sounds (to work up slowly to a level of excitement to when it's finally released in April) and/or the PA3X is still in a beta stage and regardless of any of the sounds they did happen to play it wouldn't have made any difference - because they are ALL less than stellar sounding because of the PA3X's current beta status perhaps?? In other words, if the entire "sound engine" is messed up i.e. it's not yet up to a satisfactory level of proficiency, then less than stellar sounds are the only thing available to it right now as a result, and what we have heard so far because of its beta status and messed up (un-tuned) OS perhaps. Once the OS is "tuned" to perfection (by April???) then everybody will go ga-ga over it once the word gets out that... yeah, the PA3X really does sound good... contrary to popular opinion and what you heard from the demos at winter NAMM. wink lol >> Stranger things have happened although Korg should have really tried better to get the OS in shape "before" NAMM actually commenced. Hindsight is always 20/20 I guess huh? wink

Now if the OS on the PA3X is indeed already tuned to perfection - then NAMM is theoretically as good as its gonna get perhaps - and a lot of people left in discouragement and dismay possibly. Time will tell.

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