I can't speak what was being said, but can anyone say whether this is anything more than the rep hauling around an unfinished beta, just as they brought one to NAMM, and letting the dealer take a peek at the beta?

If I am not mistaken, Korg's factory sounds and styles all exist in RAM, not ROM, and can be updated and added to even after release, let alone before release (not the sample data, but the programming for them). So, it's quite likely that the styles that leverage the new sounds, and possibly the new sounds themselves are still at the 'tweaking' phase, and may not even be in the list of sounds for people to try out until done to Korg's satisfaction...

Korg's are quite different to Yamaha's, whose sounds are in ROM, so the machine isn't even released until those are perfected and the data burned to ROM chips. It allows Korg's to hit the light of day while much is yet to be done. This might not be a GOOD idea, though, as few here seem to understand the difference between ROM sounds and RAM.

And, in all fairness, I really don't hear a night and day difference between the T3 and T4. It is quite obvious they have far more in common than they have differences. A few sounds, a few styles, that's about IT. If you are expecting more than this from Korg, but not from Yamaha, you have to examine your motives for being so critical when you don't get it.

If you hated the PA2, don't expect to like the PA3. Korg are not going to be dumb enough to alienate their existing customer base to please a tiny few that want it to sound like a Yamaha. They know full well THOSE customers are going to buy a Yamaha, anyway! Yamaha had enough sense to not make the T4 a radical departure from the T3. Give Korg some credit for thinking along the exact same lines...!

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