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looking at the specs, there doesn't appear to be much difference...but, sonically, there is...of course, this is my personal opinion having played both instruments extensively.

Same for the difference between the Motif XS and XF, on paper, apart from the Flash Ram, not much appeared to different.

But sound wise, there is a world of difference.

This is what I am now starting to anticipate will be the same with the PA3. Styles, for example, will have the same name, but sound radically different....

Time will tell for sure.


I hope KORG also builds a nice STYLE Library akin to Yamaha's premium styles ...so you can get high quality styles for all your needs also....conversion don't work too well on Korg units ....the constant searching and converting always put me off with all my Korg arrangers,....it seems right now with all the info we have at our disposal......that the Tyros 4 has it in sound & Korg has it in features...this could change when we finally hear what the Pa3x can do at Musikmesse & beyond, I for one hope the step up the game big time as I Love the Pa3x features for live performance tremendously.

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