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Well the Tyros 4 sound as the Tyros 3 with some improvements. Why judge Korg if they do the same as Yamaha. I don't care if it sound like the PA2X because I already love that sound. But now with all the extra's on the PA3x it is a bargain comparing with the Tyros 4.

I recently had a chance to demo both a T4 and a T3 for a few hours...

I personally think the upgrade from T3 to T4 in sound quallity (espescially drums and styles) is huge. Its the biggest sttep Yamaha has taken since probably PSR 7000 to PSR 8000. Next to that the SA/SA2 voices are probably the best thing availble for emulating accoustic instruments in any piece of hardware available... While i tought PA2X was a better instrument then T3 (i really love the indepth edditing of sounds in KORG arrangers), things have changed with the T4. But when you just compare tech specs There isn't much difference between T3 and T4.

Now noboddy knows how much upgrade the sounds from PA2X have had in teh PA3X, all people are saying that they haven't really heard the difference yet from the Youtube video's.

We just need to wayt to see if soundquallity of the PA3X comes close to the T4, i for one have my doubts judging the quallity what the internet has shown us so far.

Early April i will report back on this after vissiting the Musik Messe.
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