he had both the 61 and 76 key version...... If he is a rep then maybe he thought he had better haul both of them in the store just in case one sounded better than the other :-).

Leeboy the clip was just to demonstrate that the instrument is already out there complete and ready for sale apparently.

Korg showcased the PA3X at Namm in direct competition with yamaha who were the only other TOTL arranger product at the show. Or does anyone here think it was mere coincidence ? They showcased their best piano taken from the SV1 , their best EP (pretty much all through their presentations) and a violin using DNC that sounded like it was homemade compared to the yamaha violin. The other few DNC sounds that Korg have did not even compare to yamaha SA or SA2 voices and no one who doesnt have a hearing aid would argue differently . And if they did i wouldnt argue with them as they probably couldnt hear me :-). They allowed one of their distributors (you know the people that have a vested interest in actually selling the instrument )unrestricted play time on the instrument unsupervised according to the video on youtube. Would any manufacturer do that if the product was unfinished ? Or do you think Korg are so cofident that their distributors will stock a product on the basis that 'we will make it better when it is shipped to you ' Ha Ha !! If Korg had outstanding sounds comparable to yamaha then thats when they would have produced them.

They didnt .

I am a supporter of Korg but i would love to have yamaha quality sounds.I am not talking about yamaha sounds but the same attention to detail that yamaha has obviously paid to producing realistic sounds. I love the flexibilty of my Korg and the pro features of the PA series but I know I have to compromise a little on the sound for that.

I have no ulterior motive. I am a musician and i will buy the product that most meets my need. For now my PA1X does that very well. It just happens to be a product made by Korg. That doesnt prevent me from calling things as i see them. This is a discussion board. so we are discussing. There is no harm in doing that right ?

The only reason i see why people think that Korg have some ACE card up their sleave to 'tweak' the PA3X into somethimg better than what we have seen and heard already for Musikmesse ( and by the way teaking isnt gonna cut it )is because of the incredibly poor demos we have seen and heard so far.

Korg certainly have not intimated that there is anything else left to be done on the instrument other than to start shipping them out. I suspect they are waiting to see what kind of pre orders the distributors have had or how much stock they are willing to carry before they ship them out.

I would dearly love to be proven wrong but i suspect i wont be.